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Which News Aggregator Is Right for You?

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There are many news-aggregators. We have covered the most popular, including Feedly and Flipboard. Techmeme is another. Which one is right for you? Take a look below. Here's a list of pros and cons. Which one will you use? What are your concerns about news aggregators and how can you help? What do your views be about their future prospects?


Feedly, a news aggregation, allows you to browse and save articles in different categories. You can bookmark articles, mark them as read, and even save them to a board for later. You can also share saved items through other platforms such As Twitter, WordPress OneNote or Instapaper. Feedly comes in three versions: premium, enterprise, and free. The free version allows you to subscribe up to 100 different sources. Feedly also works on desktop devices like iPads, iPhones or Macs.

You can create as few feeds as desired, or as many boards as you'd like. Feedly enables you to save articles, highlight specific sections, and share with your social networks. Feedly allows you to share articles and comments with other users. Its search feature is also easy to use. Feedly has a user-friendly interface that is great for news junkies.

Once you've created your Feedly account, you can browse and subscribe to your favorite publications. You can also search for specific topics like video games to learn more. You can save your favourite articles to your Feedly account and access them later on. Feedly is integrated with a variety of popular applications, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pocket. It syncs subscriptions across all devices to make it easy to access them from anywhere.

Feedly allows you to organize and categorize your news feeds. You can fetch feeds from a variety of sources, including news, blogs, RSS feeds, and Twitter tweets. Feedly is home to almost every kind of content you can find on the web. Feedly makes it easy to find the right information whenever you need it.


Flipboard, a news platform that allows you to collect news from multiple sources, may interest you. Unlike traditional news websites, Flipboard allows users to customize content to suit their own interests and personalities. Flipboard lets users subscribe to particular publications, add publications to their "favorite" lists, and follow brands and blogs they like. Flipboard can engage with the content by clicking "Likes", "dislikes" and "Likes," so it will know what to show and what to remove.

Flipboard has a human-curation team which vets news sources and publishes articles in order to avoid censorship. It employs more than 20 people and places emphasis on human curation. One of the most recent features in the app lets users switch between left-leaning views to help them choose which stories to read. Although this sounds like a great idea, it is still not enough.

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Flipboard, an award winning news app, brings together the best features from both worlds. The app is very user-friendly and smart editors make it easy to manage the stream of content. The app also allows users follow their favorite publications or topics, and allow them to comment directly from the app. This engagement makes news reading even more enjoyable. Flipboard is an excellent news source.

Flipboard not only provides great news, but also allows you to stay up-to-date on your favorite topics. You can also choose the topics that you want to see. This allows you the freedom to pick and choose what news interests you. It also lets you avoid reading boring news. Flipboard wants to make news more personal and stop doomscrolling. This is when you scroll past bad news in the news.


Techmeme is news aggregator site that focuses on insider blogs. Techmeme's top thirty publishers post a lot about product updates and announcements. Though similar in design, Techmeme is also distinct from TechCrunch, a news site more commonly known for its bloggy coverage of technology. TechCrunch and Techmeme share a common history. Techmeme's founder Mike Arrington first rented a space from TechCrunch when the sites were founded. These two sites were a natural match. Techmeme's Alexia Tsotsis, Techmeme writer, became the site’s co-editor in 2012.

Rivera was working as an Intel employee when he created Memeorandum. The automated news aggregator indexes links to mainstream media and obscure technology blogs. Rivera quit his Intel job and focused on the tech sector. He founded Techmeme along with WeSmirch, Ballbug and Ballbug for celebrity and baseball news. Techmeme expanded to other niches with its listings for news from mainstream media and blogs. Rivera, who replaced the computer algorithm in 2008 with human aggregators, expanded Techmeme to smaller parts of the internet.

Techmeme can be found in Silicon Valley. The news aggregator employs human editors who review articles for duplicate content and spam. Megan McCarthy is a veteran tech reporter. Techmeme's greatest feature is its speed. It takes only minutes to find the latest news stories. This makes it ideal to use for business meetings or cocktail parties.


News360 is a news feed that offers more detail than Flipboard. You can swipe horizontally between pages to see the most recent news articles and stories. This aggregator is not as well thought out as Flipboard. However, it makes it much easier to navigate through articles. News360's timeline view allows you to see how a particular story is developing over time.

For example, you can view stories about a certain topic or local event by using the News360 Home feed. You can also search with a keyword. The app syncs across different devices and makes it simple to share interesting stories among your friends. News360 is also compatible with social networks, so you can easily share stories with your friends. To get rid of ads and have more customization options, upgrade to News360 Premium.

One of the greatest things about this news feed aggregator is how it learns what your preferences are and displays stories that match them. The news feed can be customized for each user. It can suggest news stories according to what you are interested in and what's popular. It also analyzes your interests and tries to match them to relevant stories and people you've read in the past. News360 can also connect to social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader or Evernote.

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Another fantastic feature of this news aggregator, is the ability for you to save articles directly to your devices. It supports Evernote, Instapaper & Pocket. News360 also offers a web-based application that allows users to create social media accounts. News360 allows you to personalize your news reader with sponsored stories. The ads don't interfere and are tailored for your interests.

Apple News+

Apple's News+ can be used to block intrusive ads from news aggregators. The app also includes an integrated sharing sheet, which allows you to report broken stories or report spam. This tab allows you to block certain channels and articles you find controversial or offensive. You can also avoid fake news by not showing the exact same story or view across the app. Condensed content speeds up page loading time. You can also control the feed by choosing specific topics or publishers. You can also choose whether you want to see previews of stories.

Apple News+ grants you access to more 300 publications. These publications include magazines and newspapers, such as the Wall Street Journal or the Los Angeles Times. The Wall Street Journal as well as three popular New York magazines, The New Yorker or Extra Crunch, can be subscribed to. Apple News+ also provides a variety of non-magazine publications. These include theSkimm. Vox. Bon Appetit.

Another news aggregator has been receiving good reviews is WSJ. The acquisition is not being announced at this time. Apple has already purchased Texture Media, which is a media business. It remade iTunes from its Soundjam app and then built its stores on top of it. Apple News+, a news aggregator that is quite bizarre, is the result. It is only getting better with the passing of time.

Apple has also incorporated a feature called "audiobooks" in its News app, which makes the app more appealing to subscribers. Apple News+ provides access to premium publications. You can also listen to some stories in audiobook format. These audios are particularly useful for commutes where you don’t want to spend time reading the entire article. Furthermore, it allows you to share the subscription with up to six family members.

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Which News Aggregator Is Right for You?